EKCOOKIES is a designer brand founded in Hangzhou in 2019. Original name is EKC, full name is "Escape Kyōkai Cloud".

This time, EKCOOKIES, which is only available in China, will be officially handled in Japan at our store EKCOOKIES JAPAN.

Origin of "COOKIES "

A cookie is derived from the Internet context and is data that is stored on a user's device and records all network activity. Just like clothing is a form of cookie data, we wanted it to be something that records the daily temperature, reorganizes a new style, and lets you recognize yourself.

EKCOOKIES is a brand that adopts a neo-romantic style that balances romantic fantasy with minimal practicality. We have developed a line that casually expresses the practical aesthetics of 37°C in everyday designs like body temperature. Brands always want to collect perceptions and emotions from the world and imprint them on the life profile of the person who wears them. Expressing the balance between fantasy and nothingness with sensual designs, standing on the boundary between practicality and nothingness, expressing an understanding of romance in everyday clothes, giving the wearer a free and carefree individuality. So that I can find it.