Order Completion/Shipment Completion Email

[ Order completion email ]

When your order is completed, an order completion email will be automatically sent to your registered email address.

[Shipping completion email]

After shipping is complete, we will send you a shipping notification email with a tracking number.

◎For those who do not receive an email after placing an order

You may not be able to receive the e-mail after your order due to some communication reasons. There are three main possible causes, so please check again before contacting us.

①There was an error in the e-mail address at the time of ordering.

・Please contact us if there is an error in the email address you entered when ordering. For inquiries, please contact us by email or official LINE chat.

② It was set as spam, reception rejection, etc.

・Please set the reception of the domain so that you can receive mail from the following sender address. From domain: ekcookies-japan.com

(3) The mailbox is full and cannot be received

- Organize your mailbox and secure free space.

For customers other than the above who do not receive an email even after payment is completed, please contact the official LINE chat .